8 of the best tips for Google AdSense

8 of the best tips for Google AdSense

Google AdSense is gaining popularity as one of the best source of online earning worldwide. Forget about other Affiliate Programs. A mother is earning extra money while doing house chores only through Google AdSense. Everything is possible only when you take something seriously. You have a kind of moderation in you.

You have a substance of patience. Because it is possible that in the beginning you earn through Google AdSense will not be so much. Maybe this much Not the one that will cost your internet. It is said that after every sorrow comes relief. Every business has to bear some difficulties.

Before I get to the topic, let me tell you something from Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Company. Bill Gates once said that if you were born near this century, it is not your fault…but if in this century you If you die poor, it is your mistake. Today the world has become a global village. There are many ways to earn money and strange ways have come into existence. Google AdSense is one among them.

  • What about your Google AdSense?
  • Earnings are getting very low?
  • Have you noticed what the reasons behind this?

Then below we write a few points. See if you are not wasting your earnings by ignoring these things.

  1. Try to select the color (color) of your web page the same color of Google Ads. And also try not to select frames all around the ads. When selecting the heading color, choose the heading color of your page. Keep in mind. Select the same color and the same font for general text that is used for general text on your website.
  2. Try not to use really tall ads like downwards or vertically tall image ads as many people are annoyed by such ads.
  3. Try to use your Google Optimization tips to insert Google AdSense code here.
  4. Google Optimization has this link: https://www.google.com/support/adsense/bin/static.py…
  1. Find the Best Keywords for Your Website. Because the more successful and popular the keywords on your site, the more revenue per click can be generated.
  2. Try to insert Google Ad Units in places with links etc. Don’t see much difference between links and adds.
  3. Try to use Google’s 4 and 5 linked ad units as it has been commonly observed that their Click through Rate (CTR) is higher than normal style of ads. You will find all Google ads types and their layouts. You can watch at this link: https://www.google.com/adsense/adformats.
  4. Don’t put enough Google AdSense on your site that visitors only see ads. Insert AdSense to your site according to content and design.
  5. Use a separate Custom Ad Channel for each type of Ads. This way you can easily find out which advertisement is getting the most profit and which is less. This way you will easily know that you What places on the key site are better AdSense and also what AdSense size gets you the most revenue.

Google AdSense Warning

Click Fraud… Washed Google or fooled yourself? Let’s see how Google detects click fraud and what things are involved in click fraud and what new methods of click fraud are created which is not difficult for Google to trace.

Click Fraud means people stop clicking on their ads and are bummed for a few days. But then when Google notifies them via email, kind regards! Google blocks your account due to click fraud. Hope you will avoid this type of fraud in future. Goodbye!

Yes. Click fraud can block your account within months. Let’s review the new methods of click fraud that Google bans.

Initial innocent clicker chat:

It means that the person is new to Google AdSense. He clicks on the Google ads on his website itself. And did not bother to read the Terms of Services of Google AdSense, Google will make you do this. Prohibits from.

Proxy click chat:

From this guy of a beginner webmaster, who knows a lot about computers. He knows a lot about cookies and IP addresses. He is not only familiar with these terms but also knows how to use them. If you think so Clicking on your ads through a proxy server or some Anonymizer software, and imagining that Google will not recognize your clicks. So it can be called your delusion, not reality. Because Google in such a situation Finds out your real IP address

Multiple computer chat:

Now that Google “sniffs” your clicks fraud all the way through cookies and other tools. Then you’ll adopt a different approach. Get your friends, relatives, and other acquaintances to click on Google Ads Suppose all those people listen to you and click on ads on your website from their office, home and elsewhere. But believe me Google will inevitably detect this type of chat too Takes.

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