How to identify threats while using internet?

How to identify threats while using internet?

Using the internet is easy, but some precautions must be taken in order to use it. Sometimes our little negligence can cause a big risk. So in this training we will look at some potential risks and how to avoid them. We will also read about precautions.

Identification of dangerous/ malicious websites (infected with virus):

In computer term virus basically eats a program. Which spreads very fast. And can damage any computer more or less. There are several types of virus. Some of them virus from one computer to another Muscles are transmitted by copying or sending a muscle. Some viruses are extremely dangerous. They destroy the entire computer system and yours.

Viruses are also transmitted via email. As soon as you open an email with a virus, a virus enters your computer, which can cause any kind of damage. Often computer antivirus software is installed, but this software also protects you from the virus to an extent.

Caution in taking membership of any website:

Sometimes if you want to visit a website, you have the option to take a membership or registration on the home page of that website. Where you sign up by typing your email address and password, you will Become a member. After becoming a member, you are sent the latest content or product details from mentioned website, while by taking registration you can avail all the facilities of mentioned website.

Actually sign on any website fetchting a membership or registration by yourself can sometimes be dangerous. That way, when you type in your email address or personal information, all this information and information are saved on this website. Some Websites give email addresses of their members to various companies or people without permission.

The mentioned companies may send you all kinds of emails. This email can be dangerous. It is possible that this email virus Be infected. It can also damage your computer. So be careful when subscribing to any website.

The disadvantages of ethical websites:

If you want to buy a book, you find many other books when you search for the book you want. Some of these books are useful while some are morally bad. Just like that many while navigating the internet Websites appear. Some of these websites are based on ethical content.

Such websites may contain dangerous viruses. Which harms your computer. So definitely avoid visiting such websites so that you can Morality and computer both can be safe.

Avoid illegally fetch information:

When looking for information on a website, check if the required information is licensed or copyrighted before fetch it. For example, if the required quota is copyrighted by the author, this quota fetch or using without permission is not legal. ’89 is a sign of copyright protection of content. Sometimes some unscrupulous people also fetch Muslim’s illegally but illegally fetchers There can also be legal action against and there can also be a penalty for committing this crime.

Therefore, before fetch any information, there must be a penalty in committing a crime related to its license and copyright rights. So no Also, before fetch information, be sure about its license and encryption know it.

Caution in fetch any kind of mussel:

All kinds of teachings are available on the internet in any form. This information can be in the form of text or voice or impression. Some of them can be dangerous or very large. Viral Muscles fetch Avoid doing. While check your computer blank space before fetch huge mussels.

If your computer has less space and you fetch a big mussel it may be fetched but Chances of this for your computer to slow down because many temporary muscles are saved on the disk to speed up some programs on the disk. If space is less on the disk these temporary muscles will not be able to be saved on the disk or will be safe in less numbers. So be careful in fetch any kind of mussel.

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