Which SEO method is best for website?

Which SEO method is best for website?

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engels are a big thing for Internet users to access information and websites from the Internet. The user knows the web address of every subject and if he knows, he would not be able to place more there. In this case, search engines are the only source. Through which user access their required information and content on any topic. Search Engines role is very important in beating the traffic component in website.

In most of the sites they get traffic due to search engines then other sources Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. are famous for these search engines that get maximum traffic to your site. So it is very important that you make your site search engine friendly. From search engine inclusion It is very important to put the previous few things in the ground, the following are the details of the points to consider.

Importance of Meta Tag in Search Engines:

Usually the user because they do not remember the longest addresses of websites Pataya Phiran is not related to different types of science so they use search logs to find their required information or website. As the user searches their information by typing engine in search bar, the search engine checks the information in the unspecified optimize of websites in its data that the webmaster has entered in Metiger, then as soon as a website The website information in K’Menaigi matches the required information of the user. The search engine adds the link food to the results that appear.

After which the user clicks the link to the site that matches the required information. Is and thus search engine make to provide track for any site. But before joining similar search engine you have to provide information to search engine about your site that any one on your website Types of information, services your site provides and which department your site belongs to.

This information cannot be given directly to search engine corners rather you put information in the head section of your webpage through Meta tag for example if your website is useful advice on the topic of web health, you site title and other nicos could be this.

<html><head><title> Free Health Tips Everyone</title>

<meta name=”description” content=”free articles on on health & fitnes”>

<meta name=”keywords” content=”health care, health tips, fitness “> </head>

Now with these meta tag in the search engine, the site will appear something like this:

Free Health Tips Everyone

free articles on health & fitnes


Name your site’s pages according to its contents:

While preparing your site, name any web pages you create according to their contents as if you have created all five pages of a mobile phone site and put them on page1. Html page 2. Giving names like html can create problem for search engines. Because using these names the search engine will not be able to identify which topics pages are available on your site causing the lack of site track Can be.

This perfect can be that if you are arranging a page of tips in a mobile site, you can call it mobile_tips. You can name html and mobile software wallpaper. Name html which will help search engine identify which pages or features are present on your website.

Minimize the use of frames:

To make your website search engine friendly, pay special attention to not use frames in your webs, because search engines cannot read the links in spidersfreeze, so search engines can’t read the corners in the webs. Who ignores pages’ that may cause decrease in traffic.

Reduce the use of flash in web page development:

Where Meta tag and web pages’ names are important for search engines in web development, it is also very important to keep in mind that designing web pages in Java and Flash and other modern yodeling languages increases the beauty of the website. Engines feel severe discomfort in not reading, which makes it difficult to get traffic from search engines. It is not difficult for search engines like Google to read them, but still it is not appropriate to take risk. Html can be a great patch.

Site commission in leading search engines:

There are probably thousands of search engines currently in the world of the internet, and there are some who have started paying users to search using them to gain fame. We are currently three worldwide. Or four such search engines that are not only known but also used all over the world include Google, Liveover or Ho.

However, with these well-known search engines, joining an unacceptable search engine would be very foolish. So these three. Inclusion in search engines is the best step. The following links can be used to summit your site in all three search engines:

Google – http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl

Yahoo http://submit.search.yahoo.com/free/request

Live MSN.  http://search.msn.co.in/docs/submit.aspx

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